Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Thru the Ages

Way back in 1980-something, I was ten-years-old (almost 11), my now island-dwelling brother was nine and little sister was four. Here we are in our PJs on Christmas morning.

Why does this matter? Oh, it doesn't, but I needed to include one of my own vintage photos before I could post my husband's very "groovy" ten-year-old Christmas image from 1970-something.
Here is my husband (on the right) and his younger brother. Don't you just love those haircuts? The quality of this photo is incredible! My husband's uncle originally had this as a slide and then used one of those new digital converters to put all his old slides online.

And look! He also captured a photo of this very hip 70s lady getting a stash of... something... for Christmas. She loves it.

These are homemade NOODLES, of course.

Fast forward to today when we took 2018's embarrassing Christmas photo. Ah, memories.


  1. I thought that the childhood picture was hilarious but it was so outdone by the stash lady. Of course we printed out the oldie pic and Kate is walking around with it.

  2. Holly, I found your blog through TCBOTB. The quality of these pictures are amazing! They look like they were taking in 2008. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas from Atlanta.


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