Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Got a New Job

I toyed around with all sorts of clever ways to share this news but thought that just spitting it right out would be best: I have a new job.

The truth is that I have been looking for a job for the last few months after being laid off from my last employer. I enjoyed doing freelance communications work and the whole SAHM thing but knew that my goal was full-time employment.

I know that everyone who has been in this situation has been told a thousand times about the importance of networking, but let me be one thousand and one. I found my job by attending a free luncheon for people who were considering getting their APR accreditation. I wasn't even planning to pursue my APR but hey it was free lunch and I figured some top PR people would be there (I have since decided to get my APR).

A week or so later I got an email from a professional that I met at the lunch. She was leaving her job and the boss wanted to hire someone quickly to fill in as a freelancer until they could make a hire. I applied, worked hard as a freelancer, and you know the rest.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know my new job is at a hospital. I can't wait to get into it. I already have multiple important-looking badges and jangly keys and a pager! They are getting me a pager! I am going to be so official. And if I could look like Ellen Pompeo in scrubs, I would wear those too.

Seriously, I am very excited to be working in the healthcare industry right now and believe that there are many compelling and important stories to tell. I hope that others who are looking for a new position will have the good fortune to find a new opportunity at the intersection of determination and dumb luck.


  1. Congratulations!!!! I have been thinking very seriously about looking for a job. I was a teacher before I stayed home with my kids. I hope I have your luck!
    Best wishes to you. Dianntha

  2. Congratulations, Holly. Send me contact information when you can.

  3. your job sound incredible being a wife mother farmer and holding down a normal job? I am truely envious you must have been blessed with an infinite amount of patience. how did you hear about the job position was it a specific community or recruitment site? my job searching is not going t well because i too have a specific area to work in. i have just signed up to a flat fee recruitment agency and they are really helping to build my confidence with great advise on finding work, taking my previous experience and making it work over a range of areas to maximise the chance of finding something sooner rather than later.


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