Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just an Ordinary Day

Today was an average Saturday. We got up a little later and headed out to do errands, including haircuts for the boys and stops at the dry cleaner and grocery.

Just an ordinary day in small town America, right. Then we took time as a family to look at pig s&men in the laundry room. [I don't want to be flagged as one of those sites, so excuse my intentional typo.]

Husband had just collected this s&men from the boar and allowed us to take a peek at the little swimmers with our newly fixed microscope, which has been out of commission for years, for lack, we just learned, of a $7 light bulb.

Anyway, the little swimmers were really doing their thing on the slide.

This is not the moon. It is my very low-tech way of trying to show you what we saw through the microscope. The individual swimmers looked like tiny, tiny sticks flipping up and down. The darker areas on the slide were where they were clumped together, not moving as much.

I don't know if Justin could see anything but he said he did. And he didn't ask too many questions about what we were looking at. S&men is not an unfamiliar word at our house. I actually mentioned this to Ryan's teacher at conferences--in case it came up and she thought we had big problems at home.

Our lesson on little swimmers concluded with me telling Ryan about eggs inside the sow. And Husband taking a bottle of the little guys outside to do their job.

Another normal Saturday.

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