Monday, February 16, 2009

Guy Reads

Somehow over the years I started calling my husband Guy. Not a lame-ass French pronunciation like gui. But Guy as in hey, that guy just stole our truck.

Recently, I have been finding a lot of articles online that interest us and I have been printing them off and laying them around the house for my husband. This allows me to continue to monopolize the computer each evening and for Husband to read something beyond the sports page.

Today's printout came from USA Today:
Hopefuls line up for Disney's 'American Idol Experience'

Neither one of us are huge American Idol fans (we don't watch Survivor either, so there) but we were at Disney World the first of this month and the American Idol Experience was experiencing, what I used to call in my technology days, a soft launch. No one seemed too interested. They even stopped us on the street to see if we would like to audition. We thought either this is the lamest Disney attraction ever--or no one had discovered it yet. Turns out, we were there at the beginning.

I guess Husband and I missed our big chance to do our Horse with No Name duet; America will thank us.

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