Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guy Reads

Welcome to another installment of Guy Reads. So, what is Guy (my nickname for my husband) reading this week?

Both of us have been following the story of a Centerville High School wrestler accused of stealing at school whose parents went to court to allow him to wrestle in a district meet.

The Dayton Daily News has put all their journalistic power behind this one, using their Bengals reporter (I guess he knows how to cover athletes in trouble), his blog, front page sports stories, and even email alerts. Last night coming home from work, the update on this wrestler's legal status was the TOP STORY on both the radio and promos for the night's newscasts.

Husband and I both have uninformed opinions about this case (as do many, many commenters at the Dayton Daily New Web site) but I see no need to share them here. While Husband sees this as a sports story, I see it as an example of how public opinion can run amok over your reputation--the kid, his family and the school.

As reporter Chick Ludwig said, "Can [this] riveting soap opera finally be put to rest? Well, maybe, maybe not."

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