Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guy Reads

Special to MP: Don't read this one during lunch.

Guy (that's my nickname for my husband) has been VERY busy following his many NCAA brackets, but this week's paper had several interesting items I wanted him to see. So it's time for another installment of Guy Reads, the exciting segment where I share with you the news items I clip out of the paper for my husband.

Two timely items hit the papers this week. First, an article about the Oakdale Testicle Festival. Say that five times. According to the article, this California Rotary group made $28,000 at their annual meal and event--which they promised that all who attend will have a ball. I didn't know it when I was sharing this news with Guy, but tomorrow just happens to be the day when we begin harvesting our annual testicle crop.

Note: If you have to ask where and how a pig farmer can get a bucket full of testicles--then you really don't want to know. The important thing is I could be sitting on a gold mine here! Maybe we should begin our own event and I could fry up a few hundred pounds of mountain oysters. I'm sure there are many who would pay good money just to see me behind a griddle surrounded by flour and buckets of fresh pig balls.

OK, now that you have that horrendous visual in your head... let's move on to much more serious agricultural news.

The intrepid agriculture reporter for the Dayton Daily News, Ben Sutherly, has another good piece on the business of farming. The economic downturn has affected global demand for U.S. milk products, leaving dairy farmers with high operating costs and low income--the worst business conditions for dairying since the Great Depression, said Scott Higgins of the Ohio Dairy Producers Association. Looks like even cows are going to get laid off.

Our farm may be needing a new source of income... oh, wait! I have an idea. Who wants to come over for dinner and help me test a new pork recipe?

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