Monday, April 6, 2009

Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

UPDATE 4/16:
I made a last-ditch effort to resolve this myself and contacted Ree at Pioneer Woman directly. To her credit, she was very kind and apologetic. I didn't really see this from visiting her site (hence my frustrated comments there), but she really has done her homework to help people get through this with free tools and instructions.

Now I have a dilemma. Should I slog through two pages of technical instructions to save myself paying $300 to Geek Squad? Or should I save myself the endless frustration of probably not being able to get it anyway, and just let a professional do this? I have created the first-ever Bringing Home the Bacon poll at right. Vote early, vote often.

UPDATE 4/13: According to the very nice lady from Geek Squad I have a cocktail of horrible viruses floating around on my PC--no doubt obtained at the PW blog and elsewhere. They are dispatching a "double agent" to my house on Saturday. I probably should have Husband take our first-born farming with him because I may offer him to the Geek Squad agent if he fixes my computer.

UPDATE 4/8: I have a Rootkit that I picked up hanging around at the popular Pioneer Woman blog (link not included by design). I know it wasn't intentional, but I can't help but be angry. PW has been posting links to malware and spyware sites but they're not much help if the system is locked up.

It's such a PAIN not to be able to blog about how I was in charge of the farm last weekend or for Husband to check hog market prices.

Original post:
Something is horribly, terribly wrong with my home computer. It may be a virus. All I know is that it keeps freezing, then warnings come up and then it shuts down. When it lets me, I am running virus scans. We'll see what happens. Stay tuned.


  1. I had to go back and see how many were infected and complained.
    Many people have had to pay for computer repairs and only a few seemed to have been ticked off about it. Some computers are just fried forever.
    Some other sites claim PW was trying to send out information gathering infiltrators for advertising information and it didn't work correctly and caused crashes.

    Hope you get things fixed.

  2. Hi Holly,I left a comment for you at Ree's site just now and found out that you have a link to your blog.Anyway,just wondering, did you try to manually remove the infections using Safe Mode?


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