Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Last year at this time we were recovering from a blizzard. Today, the temp was 70, so the kids and I were able to turn the hay field into our own kite flying range.

Morgan and Justin had never flown kites before but they were quick learners. Morgan even assembled a very special farm girl kite flying outfit.

We had to be careful of all the usual kite-eating trees and power lines, but on the farm there are additional hazards. Corn stalks are not good for kites; neither are cows but the one on the far right was behind a fence.

Kitty, Kitty are you OK? Get up Kitty, you can do it! Morgan and I found it helpful to shout words of encouragement to her kite.

Once she got the hang of it, she had a blast.


  1. Lovely pictures...start them young!

  2. We use to live on a farm. Isn't it wonderful with all the space to run with that kite in the fields without worring of it getting caught in the trees or hydro wires. Lovely pictures too.


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