Monday, June 1, 2009

Middle Child on the Radar

My sweet, sweet little Justin. We never really know what he's going to come up with next.

Known for his uncanny knack for ruining photos, his creative clothing choices and his loving disposition, our little Justin is so much like his "GrandDad," in looks and his approach to life that we just have to laugh.

I just had to capture his Radar O'Reilly look. [More evidence I am getting old: did you know there are young people in America who have never seen M*A*S*H*? What is the world coming to?]

Justin loves to ride his bike, play t-ball, and most of all to make "crafts" at the little desk in his room with his ever-growing supply of pipe cleaners, pre-cut foam pieces, googly eyes, and colored pencils.

Tomorrow morning he will be joining his big brother and Dad on a big trip. I will miss his smudged glasses and his sweet little smile. Most of all I will miss the way he periodically stops playing to come and just see if I'm still here for him.

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