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Lookin' Spiffy

The first time I saw my little sister was through a pane of glass at the hospital. After several days of burned grilled cheese, Dad had finally brought us to the hospital to see our Mom and The Baby. Back in 1979 Moms still stayed in the hospital for several days after giving birth--and big brothers and sisters got to wave at the newest family member when the nurse held her up. We loved her. So much so that Mom used to put her in the playpen to keep us from bothering her. For years I had a scar on my cheek from where her baby fingernail scratched me away from her personal space. Over the years my brother and I, like siblings throughout history, teased and tormented our little sister. One of our favorite "insults," though, started quite innocently. We were dressing for some occasion and our parents said, Susan, don't you look spiffy. I NOT SPIFFY! came the reply. We laughed and laughed over this. And, of course, called her spiffy as much as possible. Susan is all grown u

Multi-Media Pig Show Report

Welcome to the only place on the internet where mad communications skilz, almost unbearable maternal pride and swine come together. It's the first ever Multi-Media Pig Show Report®. Welcome to our report from the National Swine Registry Summer Type Conference. Where else would a Multi-Media Pig Show Report begin but the pig barn at the Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky, where the pigs were very happy. Aren't they cute when they're sleeping. Oh, and this little one is cute too. Shhh don't tell Grandma S. that she's in your computer--she won't like it! Back to the report... Todd showed pigs, Ryan showed pigs and Justin won first place with his poster all about pigs. The end. But wait! I promised you a Multi-Media Pig Show Report and I don't disappoint. We have next our first-ever Bringing Home the Bacon video production, starring Ryan and featuring jerky photography and jumpy editing by yours truly. Wait! There's more! If you act now, I'll thro

PR Idea of the Week

Egads! Before I become a complete Mommy blogger (not that there's anything wrong with that), I thought I would get back to the third element of this blog and share an interesting PR campaign. The marketing/PR/social media team at Discovery Channel has hit a home run in promoting Shark Week--by "killing off" most of the nation's TV bloggers. Put down your logo folder and back away from your USB drive PR people, because the press kit for Shark Week includes mangled surf shorts and a customized obituary for each recipient. Here's a photo that's been shared on multiple blogs with the contents of the kit received by James Hibberd , blogger for The Hollywood Reporter. There are several good blogs deconstructing this campaign but by far the best quote--and best takeaway from this press kit--is from Hibberd's blog . "I love it, I think it's great," says one PR executive at an unrelated company about the Discovery campaign. "And the reason

Princess Cousins

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Morgan who had a cousin named K who lived on an island far, far away. One day K came to Morgan's farm to visit her. They rode bikes together, went to the "buzam" (museum) together, and dressed just alike. Morgan has been beside herself with excitement about the arrival of her cousin K. She just concluded her visit tonight and both girls cried--which could also be explained by the late hour and some driveway induced boo-boos. Both girls are a dangerous combination of sweetness and grit that had them both dressing up for church and then climbing on bikes to cruise the gravel driveway before we left. Once K decided that her uncle's church softball game warranted a cheerleading outfit, Morgan was happy to concur, leaving both girls to root for a perennial loser, poisonous nuts (buckeyes are poisonous, did you know?) and the local Presbyterian church. K is the subject of many bedtime stories and a role model who never