Monday, August 24, 2009

County Fair Preview

Every year I get ambitious and make multiple non-pig entries at the county fair. This year, for the first time, we actually practiced the kids' decorated cupcakes--although we went through three bags of Oreos before getting to it.

Here is Justin's planned entry. I hope you can tell that it's an owl. Let me just say that I shopped for two weeks, looking at every check-out I visited before finding a box of Runts for the candy banana used as the beak.

Morgan placed each one of these jelly bean "kernels" on this ear-of-corn cupcake. The pat of butter is a Starburst. The corn holders are real. I grated a little Oreo crumbs on the top to simulate pepper.
I must confess that these are not original creations. We got a great deal of help from a fun cupcake book, Hello, Cupcake! (I am not affiliated with them, just like the book)

With a week until fair entries are due, I hope I haven't given away too much. I will keep my scarecrow under wraps until the fair starts but here's a hint--it took eight bottles of bleach and eight sets of lips to complete.

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