Saturday, August 22, 2009

Most Popular Dayton Media on Twitter

I took my popular Dayton Media Twitter list and did a little analysis this week to determine the most frequently followed Dayton journalists on Twitter.
  1. Dayton Daily News - Hal McCoy - 1375 followers

  2. WHIO TV7 - 1281 followers

  3. Dayton Daily News - 1244 followers

  4. WDTN TV2 - 1217 followers

  5. Dayton Daily News - Ohio Politics - 865 followers

  6. Dayton Daily News - Mark Fisher Wine - 861 followers

  7. WDTN TV2 - Kennan Oliphant - 645 followers

  8. Dayton Daily News - Kim Margolis - 606 followers

  9. Dayton Daily News - Mark Fisher Food - 601 followers

  10. WHIO TV7 - Rich Wirdzek - 550 followers
*Followers as of Aug. 20, 2009.

A few observations on this list:
  • Congratulations to @HalMcCoy_Reds, Dayton's most popular journalist on Twitter. Unfortunately, Hal has been given his walking papers, so perhaps he won't be Tweeting for the paper for long.

  • Jeff Booth of WRGT/WKEF TV easily made the top ten, but I took him out of contention because his Twitter account is largely personal.

  • Kennan Oliphant is the most prolific individual media Twitter account with 3,564 updates.

  • Mark Fisher, columnist for the Dayton Daily News, should be recognized for holding TWO of the top ten most popular media Twitter accounts in Dayton.

To see how all the media on my Dayton Twitter list fared, see my spreadsheet.

Tip of the hat to Ed Bennett for this idea--his applied to hospitals on Twitter.

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  1. TWEET:

    Seeking an update on ex-officer Michael Blake who quit Ohio's Dayton Police Dept. after found to be untruthful about kiliing his wife Niema.

    (Thank you for the list.)


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