Monday, September 14, 2009

What Farm Kids Do for Fun

I was just watching an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (I'll keep my opinions on the whole thing to myself.). Anyway, in this episode the Gosselin boys went to a dude ranch. They had never seen a horse in real life. Or a goat. And they giggled the whole time about the poop.

What a different life my kids lead. Different than the majority of kids in this flyover State of Ohio, even. I have written before on the theme: What Farm Kids Do for Fun and the things they do are so foreign to people, that I may make this a regular feature. Plus, my little farm kids are very cute while they entertain themselves.

Here are Justin and Morgan making up some sort of barnyard parade that looks wacky even to other farm kids. But this is what you can come up with on a Sunday afternoon when you have a gravel circle behind your house large enough for a semi-tanker to manuever in.

Here's Morgan on the swingset, enjoying a Saturday sunset. She shares her neighborhood only with wrapped hay bales, the odd hay wagon and a soybean field that's looking a little weedy.

Here is Justin in his tree house. It's actually in a split tree trunk two feet off the ground. Even though he has a swing set nearby--that took his father nearly four days to assemble--Justin prefers his made-up hideaway.

So don't feel sorry for the farm kids. Even though they don't have neighbor kids to run around with, or sidewalks for their bikes, they have developed the ability to explore and use their imaginations. And let's face it, they've long ago finished laughing about the poop.

Speaking of poop (we were?) and farm kids having fun, see below, by popular demand, more photos from our fun-filled exhausting week at the 2009 Montgomery County Fair. Enjoy.

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