Monday, October 26, 2009

What Farm Kids Do for Fun

Even when you live in a place called Farmersville, there is still a disconnect between farm life and the experiences of most people you meet. Fortunately, our children are happy ambassadors of rural living.

This most recent episode of What Farm Kids Do for Fun takes place at our annual fall party. With five "hosts" (my children and nephews), the party has grown bigger than last year's party. We had 23 kids, plus parents at the farm to navigate the straw maze, decorate pumpkins, and enjoy the hay ride (it's really straw!).

Farm kids and their friends know that something as simple as playing in the leaves can be the best way to spend an October afternoon.

My petulant princess and her two rakish pirate brothers enjoyed themselves immensely. Check out more photos of the day here:

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