Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Farmer's Dictionary

You've heard of the Farmer's Almanac. That's the book that farmers consult to determine the best route from the Middle of Nowhere to Des Moines. What? Oh, yeah, driving directions and map come from the Farmers' Atlas. The Farmer's Almanac is the book other people consult to determine the weather--farmers just watch their local TV news station for weather. It works out well because farmers also LOVE sports.

Since the kids are asleep, the satellite TV isn't working and Husband is in line at the elevator (see definition below), I thought I would provide a handy reference for those of us/you who are unfamiliar with basic agricultural terms. Hence. The Farmers' Dictionary.

elevator - The elevator stores and sells grain. All rural men are contractually obligated to visit the local elevator at least once a weekend. During harvest, local farmers bring their grain to the elevator to be stored and eventually sold.

gravity wagon - A type of grain wagon designed to narrow at the bottom, allowing all the grain inside to flow out when the valve is opened at the bottom.

cow - Female bovine who has had one or more calf

sow - Female swine who has had one or more litters of pigs

ewe - Female sheep who has had one or more lambs

popper - Aluminum box that fits on the back of a pick-up truck. Designed to haul pigs.

This is by no means a complete listing of agricultural terms, but a good start. Join us again soon to learn more from the Farmers' Dictionary. I'll leave you with a few terms that farmers never use.

Terms/phrases not used by farmers:
- vacation
- day off
- repair man
- new
- Hello, I'd like to order flowers for my wife

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