Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 10 Dayton Media on Twitter

I took my popular Dayton Media Twitter list and did another analysis this week to determine the most frequently followed Dayton journalists on Twitter. Here are the top 10.

  1. WHIO TV7 - 1,779 followers
  2. Dayton Daily News - Hal McCoy - 1.522 followers
  3. Dayton Daily News - 1,507 followers
  4. WDTN TV2 - 1,351followers
  5. Dayton Daily News - Ohio Politics - 1,056 followers
  6. Dayton Daily News - Mark Fisher Wine - 927 followers
  7. Greenville Advocate 360 - 903 followers
  8. WDTN TV2 - Kennan Oliphant - 826 followers
  9. WKEF TV22 - JeffBoth - 770 followers
  10. WHIO TV7 - Rich Wirdzek - 729 followers

    *Followers as of Nov. 15, 2009.

A few observations on this list:

  • Dayton Daily News - Mark Fisher Food falls off the list to number 14 overall. Previously, Fisher was the only Dayton journalist to have TWO Twitter accounts in the top ten--and perhaps the only Dayton journalist to have two accounts at all.
  • The list changed very little since October, with @jeffbooth1as the only newcomer.
  • WHIO TV7 maintained its lead over Dayton Daily News - Hal McCoy.
  • Honorable mention on this list goes to WHIO TV7 - Gabrielle Enright who comes in at number 11 and has been very innovative in her use of Twitter to cover the news.
  • Everyone's Twitter pal, Kennan Oliphant remains the most prolific individual media Twitter account, now with 5,338 updates.

To see how all the media on my Dayton Twitter list fared, see my spreadsheet.

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