Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

Happy New Year. The second year of this blog has been even more enjoyable than the first. More and more of you are reading and sending your friends--and I greatly appreciate that. Of course, I still have plenty of lurkers and it's been fun baiting you to see if you'll admit reading here.

In 2009, Bringing Home the Bacon was visited by very puzzled people from 52 countries and more purposefully, I hope, from residents of 48 U.S. States (Wyoming? North Dakota? Can I get some love?). My U.S. visitors came from 635 cities, from Altoona to Zephryhills.

Many of my visitors these days are stopping by after seeing my posts on Twitter and Facebook, although a few stragglers are finding me via search engines, using search terms like bacon cough, year old pee, how to bring a skunk back to life, and Husband's favorite, Dayton+police+Holly. (These are REAL search terms people have used to find my site, courtesy of Google Analytics.)

I spent an enjoyable afternoon reading back through the year's posts and came up with a list of favorites:
• The most popular post, by far, was the Dayton media on Twitter.
• Justin made an interesting Christmas list.
• We did our part to pass Issue 2 as many people's "token farmers."
• I shared my misadventures in motherhood.
• My lighthearted post comparing corporate life to working at a nonprofit healthcare provider netted me a speaking gig at a local grant-writing organization.
• And what self-respecting farm family lets the summer go by without a trip to the state fair.
• The blog wasn't all farming; we entertained our island-dwelling kin.
• Once, I got left in charge of the farm. Fortunately, I didn't lose any livestock.
• My computer got infected with viruses and I met a Geek Squad Double Agent.
• I voiced my opinion about a PR social media "scandal."

So thanks for reading and come back soon to see what 2010 has in store. Remember, if you're ever searching for cows faking farm, breastfeeding and my tits, or bacon secret code, you know where to look first.

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