Saturday, September 18, 2010

Remembering my Grandma

Remembering my grandmother tonight... she spent hours reading us books from her well-stocked bookshelf, she always had chocolate pudding ready in little bowls when we visited, she used a wringer washer well into the 1980s, she made notes of the weather and occurrences daily on a calendar and she said "yallo" when she answered the rotary dial phone she kept on the wall in the kitchen.

She really hasn't been that Grandma for many years and I'm glad that after almost 97 years of life, she is at peace.

Grandma Brown with Ryan in 2001.


  1. Holly, what a lovely remembrance of your grandmother. Bless her and bless your family. Jane

  2. Nicely said, Holly. Grandmas certainly are special people and yours sounds among the best of the best.


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