Saturday, October 23, 2010

I can git the things

The toy catalogs have started rolling into our home. Stacks of them waiting for me every day in the unsorted mail. Yes, my mail is unsorted. We have a very long lane. Husband gets the mail every day and looks at it as he walks the whole way back (I've seen this.) but then, instead of dealing with the junk mail--even the stuff addressed to our former neighbor or Husband himself--he stacks it in the house for me (or the mail fairy, I suppose) to deal with. Between that and the piles upon piles of scribbled papers our children produce, I spend the first 20 minutes I arrive home every day just putting things in the trash.

But now the toy catalogs are in the mix. Fortunately, Justin and Morgan are stepping up. They have spent hours cutting up these catalogs and/or circling things within. Justin went so far as to make a book about all the things he wants to get for Christmas. This is the cover:

His book is appropriately titled I can git the things, by Justin Michael. Part of me twinges at the sense of entitlement but he's only 6 and this is a lot better than last year's Christmas list fiasco.

Of course the theme I can get the things dovetails nicely with Justin and Morgan's approach to Christmas list-making. It's not here are things I would like to have, it's here is something I will be getting--what is it?

The good news with this early start to list-making is that if they are making a list, Santa is too. I hope to ride the naughty or nice platform all the way to December 24. Let's hope poor Mrs. Claus doesn't get stuck sorting the mail.

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