Monday, October 25, 2010

Dulces o travesura

Not since the John Deere tractor made of foam board have I been so proud of a Halloween costume. It's not any sort of domestic triumph, really, but Ryan's Chilean miner costume was fun to create.

Chilean miner costume
 Unfortunately, I could not convince Husband to scrounge enough materials around the farm to build me an escape capsule.

My little Justin adds his crooked smile to Batman this year. He said he is hoping to find some people to rescue from danger while he is out trick-or-treating.

Our little cowgirl loves her pony (named, Pony, oddly). Her cowgirl hat lights up. Or at least it did the day we bought it until the little cowgirl overused the switch. Now Husband can get it to work by tapping the hat. Fortunately, she can't tell if it's working or not when she wears it--so if you run into us this weekend, THE LIGHTS ARE ON--got it?

And remember, the Chilean miners were underground for 70 days. Any that stop by to trick-or-treat will need extra candy.


  1. The Chilean miner costume is BRILLIANT. All the kids are adorable. May they bring home lots of candy for you... I mean for themselves.

  2. Natasha BakerOctober 29, 2010

    Fabulous! Trying my hand at an Avatar this weekend. All that blue face paint should be interesting.


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