Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, The Feral Pig of Texas is the Only One for Me

Nothin' brings me out of a blogging slump like a good ole feral pig story.  Today's Wall Street Journal has a front-page update on how wild pigs are tearing up the manicured lawns of Southlake, Texas, making the stunning observation that shooting them from helicopters is frowned upon in well-populated areas.

The writers of these stories are always so surprised to learn that A) pigs are interested in rooting in soft ground and B) pigs are very smart. The fact that pigs are capable of reproducing in litters is also a surprise, somehow.

The pigs on our farm are very different than these lawn-eating pigs but not in many ways. Every once in a while Husband has a pig that just won't stay in a pen. Sometimes he gives up and just lets the pig run around on the farm for a day. First thing on its agenda--rooting in the yard. Second, getting into the stash of feed. And just like those feral pigs, our wild-for-a-day pig is very leery of humans and their fences and gates.

The WSJ article claims that two million feral pigs are currently pooping in the wilds and suburbs of Texas (The Wall Street Journal does not use terms like pooping, that was my little addition.). I hope they stay there.

We already get the calls if anyone spots a stray pig in this half of the county. I could only imagine what life would be like if feral pigs were showing up to ruin area suburban sprinkler systems.


  1. We re visiting Lee's step-mother in Tallahassee, FL. Highlight of our annual visit is always day trip to Apalachicola. It's always a thrill when we see wild boars on edge of the forest.

  2. Egads. And I thought trapping stray cats was a challenge.


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