Sunday, October 16, 2011

Biting the Hand that Feeds You

Earlier today, Husband fielded a call from a telemarketer wanting to survey us on our grocery shopping habits. Fortunately, I didn't answer, considering my strong feelings about my food shopping experience.

Husband flummoxed the telemarketer with his response, which I found interesting too. He said, we live on a farm with livestock and have a garden, so we live off the land and don't need grocery stores. HA! That's not really true but it could be for us much more so than it could be for most people.

Today is Blog Action Day and since this year's theme is FOOD, I thought I would chime in with some thoughts about farm to fork.

There are blogs out there that will be happy to kill you with statistics about GMO and factory farms. Information fed to earnest young people by organizations who only vaguely hide their vegan agendas.

I don't have a lot of numbers. I only have a husband who has hand-delivered more babies than the average OB, children who turned their playroom in to a virtual rural village with feed elevator, breeding stock auction and jobs that help pay for farm supplies, and the dust that seeps into every pore of our old house during harvest.

I saw an interview once with a man on the street who told the reporter he didn't care what happened to farmers, since he could get all the food he needed at the grocery. This man had obviously never dragged himself out of bed on a frosty morning to milk cows or stayed up all night to ensure an anxious sow kept her babies fed.

Bandwagons are a lot easier to jump on than hay wagons, apparently. Before you bite the hands that feed you by subscribing to the notion that farmers are uncaring or not green or not even real people with wives who blog, remember that your grocer can't drive a tractor. Thank a farmer.

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