Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snapshots on the Farm

This is how farm kids have fun on an icy Saturday.


  1. My husband is Mark Hoorman-He says he went to leadership conference with you in 1990 and came to help you at your fair also. He is the one who told me about your blog :-)

  2. By the way, we have 4 girls ages 15 months - 12 years and are raising show cattle in northwest ohio. :0)

  3. Andrea--Congrats to you and Mark on a wonderful family. We have two boys and a girl, which you may have seen here on the blog.

    Tell Mark I said hello. And, also, please tell him that my husband's family had grand champion steer back in 1990. I am still ashamed of the steers my brother and I had back then. But I think I've moved up in the livestock world. HA!

    Let us know if your girls ever decide they want to show hogs. Or if you get to the Ohio State Fair during the first week--we're always there!

  4. We are hoping one of our calves makes it to the state fair. We will definitely look you and your family up there. Our 9 year old, Maggie starts 4H this year. Congrats on your family also and your blog! I have it marked in favorites now. :-)


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