Sunday, April 22, 2012

Swine Barber

Hold on to your knickers ladies, international pig-clipping man of mystery, Claude' (pronounced Claude-A) is BACK! And if Claude' is in town, then there's only one reason--it's time to give some pig haircuts.

We were fortunate once again to get on Claude's busy, international pig-clipping schedule (I may be exaggerating here.) just in time for our annual spring pig auction. This year, Ryan is again studying and learning from Claude's patented pig grooming methods.

Husband and Claude' and Ryan have the task of giving haircuts to about 100 little pigs this week to make them look good for this weekend's pig auction. Our goal is to sell these 1-2 month-old pigs to 4-H families who will raise them to show at state and county fairs. (If you are in the market for a hog, please visit our farm page for details.)

Claude' is VERY camera shy due to the great demands for his services as a pig groomer but just for the ladies, I did manage to get this action shot from last year's auction. I believe he is putting the finishing touches on one of his most stylish pig do's ever--or he may be just wiring a fence. Claude' is multi-talented.

If you have been dying to see Claude' in action or you just need a few good swine grooming tips--and who doesn't--then come by the Preble County Fairgrounds in Eaton, Ohio this weekend. Just raise your hand til the nice man on the podium yells SOLD. We'll explain everything later.

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