Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Octogenarians

Have I mentioned before how much Husband loves his Hoveround Chair-endorsed TV programs? Oh, I guess so.

Well, the 88 episodes of Matlock clogging our DVR have just risen in value (Joke credit: Husband's brother). On July 3, the year of our Lord 2012, Andy Griffith departed this earth. He is now playing the ukulele in heaven with Dick Van Dyke.

Husband (right) and his father with their idol at Disney's Hollywood Studio.

That crossover episode of Diagnosis Murder and Matlock was CLASSIC. Oh, wait. Dick Van Dyke is still kicking?  Thank goodness! Now Husband still has at least one living octogenarian TV star to admire.

Here's Husband, me and the kids with Mary Poppins and Dick's Disney-approved doppelganger.

Maybe Andy's solving crime or singing show tunes in heaven with Angela Lansbury, then. What?  You say she's still with us too?

Well, it looks like Husband's DVR collection isn't extinct yet, although I'm going to feel terrible if something happens to someone else from Andy Griffith's era that Husband regularly watches on TV.

OK, seriously, James Best from the Dukes of Hazzard knew Andy Griffith? Let's hope old Rosco stays in hot pursuit on this earth for a good while longer.

I shouldn't mock Husband for his wholesome TV viewing habits, especially in this era of reality TV when it feels like every minute watched is causing brain cells to seep out of your body. Fortunately, basic cable will continue to allow us to visit that fishing hole with Andy and Opie whenever we want. Set your DVR.


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