Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fair Weather Farmer

Only days ago, we practically had a blizzard. Now it's sunny and in the 60s! Fair weather farmer that I am, I (finally) ventured out with the kids to visit some of the newest members of the farm.

Here is a Landrace sow and her cute little piglets. Landrace pigs are known for their floppy ears and I have decided that there is almost nothing cuter than a floppy-eared pig.

They will live in this private house with their momma and heat lamp until they are old enough to be weaned. They can crawl under the board to visit their mother and get milk but they can crawl back under the board to sleep and stay warm. It's good for little pigs to have a place away from their mother--hey, if you had nine babies and weighed 400 pounds, you might lay down and squish one too.

These little pigs are three days old in this picture today. But just in case you want to take one home to snuggle, note that they will weigh 250 pounds or so in six months. 

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