Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Valley Recap: There IS a Gay One (S1:E2)

Welcome back! If you missed my first review of The Valley, be sure to check it out.

For those of you who are new, The Valley is a Dayton-produced reality show that airs Sunday nights on Dayton's CW. According to the station's website, The Valley follows "the journey of six high school graduates from the Miami Valley as they prepare for the next big step in their lives."

The cast includes:
Ally – I am leaving for Nashville soon.
Chris – Made it through the first AND SECOND episode without showing his abs.
Stephanie – I have really black hair that I want to be purple now.
Donald – Gags on sushi.
Alexys – Drives a BMW.
Nathan – Ha! You thought we wouldn't have someone gay on this show?

When we last left our group of six carefully selected Dayton suburbanites, they had survived the zipline together and pronounced love for alpacas.

Theme song:  Do you have what it takes? To get your hair dyed purple? To come out of the closet? To watch this show a second time?

First adventure: Hair cut place
Stephanie has body dysmorphic disorder so naturally she is the best person to get her hair cut and dyed purple.  Purple? She wants Alexys and Ally to support her during her haircut but they just go to the other side of the salon and get pedicures.

Important pre-taped foreshadowing that is not resolved:
Ally has a boyfriend named Cory. They have a picnic.

Second adventure: Restaurant
Nathan tells Alexys, Ally and the viewing audience that he is gay. Ally: "Are we allowed to bombard with you with questions?" His family is not supportive. I am assuming right now that much of DeGraff is praying for his salvation.

Third (non-Dayton) adventure: Cincinnati City Hall
Nathan is driving to Cincy with the crew in his car. Oh, snap! Did he just OUT a Cincinnati City Councilman? Whew, the guy is openly gay. So gay, in fact, that he takes Nathan to the Cincinnati pride day parade.

Fourth adventure: Sinclair Community College
Donald visits and Alexys tags along. He does career exploration, but not really because he has already decided to be a famous rapper some day. That's cool because we all know all the famous rappers get their start at community college.

Alexys, the rich blonde girl who drives a new BMW and eats sushi five times a week really wants people to know she is much more than a stereotype. So she makes Donald eat sushi.

Lots. Of. Faux-edited. Drama. In the coming episodes. Stay tuned. Sunday nights on Dayton’s CW or just come here for the recap.

Note from Holly:
Just for the record, I am personally opposed to purple hair and sushi eating. While I have no direct experience to draw upon, I am pretty cool with rapping and homosexuality.

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