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On the First Day of Job Loss, My Blogger Gave to Me...

Out of a job? Not sure what to do first? Check out my 10-day list of job search assignments . Catch my full Blogher guest post here .

Guy Reads: Akron Edition

Gotta love my Aunt CS from Akron. She is the Queen of holiday family group photos, a humble health care worker like me, and she even takes time to clip and mail articles for her nephew-in-law (Husband) from the Akron Beacon Journal. So, thanks to Aunt CS, it's time for another installment of Guy Reads , the exciting segment where I share with you the news items I (and Aunt CS) clip out of the paper for my husband. Small town side note: when she lived around here, Aunt CS used to share rides to college with my father-in-law. Not knowing that many, many, many years later her niece would marry his son. Anyway, she surprised us this week with a fascinating story out of Akron about the very rare Red Wattle pigs. They are known for their extremely unattractive under-chin wattles and dark meat. Photo: A little additional research on my part shows that the Red Wattle is "critical" according to standards set by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy This means t

What Farm Kids Do for Fun

I was just watching an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (I'll keep my opinions on the whole thing to myself.). Anyway, in this episode the Gosselin boys went to a dude ranch. They had never seen a horse in real life. Or a goat. And they giggled the whole time about the poop . What a different life my kids lead. Different than the majority of kids in this flyover State of Ohio, even. I have written before on the theme: What Farm Kids Do for Fun and the things they do are so foreign to people, that I may make this a regular feature. Plus, my little farm kids are very cute while they entertain themselves. Here are Justin and Morgan making up some sort of barnyard parade that looks wacky even to other farm kids. But this is what you can come up with on a Sunday afternoon when you have a gravel circle behind your house large enough for a semi-tanker to manuever in. Here's Morgan on the swingset, enjoying a Saturday sunset. She shares her neighborhood only with wrapped hay bales

Our Favorite Week of Filth and Exhaustion

Summer isn't really over for our family until we have spent a week filthy and exhausted at the county fair. For most people, a county fair is a nice place they visit on a Saturday afternoon to eat some of the greasiest food ever invented, buy a Sham-Wow, ride a few rides, pet a calf, see some sheep and head home. Yes, that's how normal people "do" the county fair. Country people, however, are required by the sacred oath of farmers to move in at the county fair, forsaking all other activities or home life. They MUST BE PRESENT lest some cow poop and there be no one to immediately clean it up. Not only do we gather up our finest livestock and 4-H projects (Ryan isn't old enough for 4-H and yet we still do all this), we create additional work for ourselves, baking cookies, making scarecrows (4 th place Angelina Jolie and her babies, above) and taking photos. The preparation for the fair is work and the being at the fair is draining. And the dirt, good God, the