Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Chocolate Cake Miracle

My birthday was earlier this week. Yes, four days after Christmas sucks, I know, I know. (Of course, I did the same thing to my daughter, who was born right before Christmas.)

My mother has always made up for the poor timing of my birth by making her blue ribbon (champion at the county fair!) chocolate cake. This year, even though she was going to be out of town on my birthday, she made a cake ahead, iced it when it had barely cooled, then popped it in the freezer.

We kept it frozen at our house until about 24 hours before we were planning to serve it. We defrosted it on the kitchen counter, then Husband brought it to the restaurant (it rode in the back of his Blazer) where we had lunch with the family on my birthday.

The cake set on an empty table while we ate and then Husband sliced it and handed out the pieces. Here's the miracle part: the cake was still warm.

Yes, parts in the middle and the bottom were warm. We don't know how the cake would have been warmed up during any of its thawing or delivery to the restaurant. Is it possible, the cake was still warm in the middle after three days in the freezer?

Or is my Mom just that damn good at making chocolate cake? If you have ever tasted one, you know.

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