Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearin' O'The Green

Five years ago today, I had the audacity to squirt out my second child before my in-laws even got out of their driveway to come to the hospital.

The second child gets the hand-me-down clothes and the unfinished baby book and he seemed to sense that even as an infant. Much to the dismay of his grandmothers, he would only let me and his babysitter hold him. Even Husband didn't get the chance to do much with him, which was OK since he quickly figured out that the ready-made potty-trained son was much easier than the one who needed breastfeeding and diaper changing.

Justin never fails to surprise and delight us with his imagination. Today we enjoyed some of the nicest St. Patrick's Day weather in the last five years and Justin took advantage of the warm evening to stage this parade of scooter and cobbled together snow sleds.

Oh, and the yellow rubber boots. Don't forget the yellow rubber boots. In case there's farming to do.

St. Patrick's Day will forever be a special occasion at our house. A day of celebrating my middle child and the sweetness he brings to our family--and brand new green shirts.

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  1. Aww, they are so sweet! What a fun b-day to have!
    Aunt Susan


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