Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012: Year in Review

This year, Bringing Home the Bacon had visitors from all 50 states. Helped, I'm sure, by me furiously clicking on the site when I was in Iowa this summer and also my brilliant decision to have a friend who moved to Omaha.

I took all 18,893 words typed on this blog this year and inputted them into a Wordle maker to get this word cloud, which shows, by size, which words I used most frequently. Husband was thrilled to learn that once again he is my most blogged about topic.

Some of my classic hits remained popular with the search engines, including my post about the Cow Tipping shirts (that I HATE) at Dayton International Airport; my post about our favorite Christmas movie; and my handy instructions for making a snowflake.

This year I did a few product reviews, I blogged our trip to the World Pork Expo, I shared a few family injuries and did some how-to while keeping up my regular features like Snapshots on the Farm and Sign of the Farmpocalypse.

I have linked to some of my favorite posts throughout this review, but here are a few more favs:
Thanks for visiting. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for telling Husband what I blogged about him!

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